Bigg Boss Vanitha had an interesting year in 2020. She attained fame and kickstarted her TV career after participating in Bigg Boss S3 and Cooku with Comali S1. Her YouTube cooking channel quickly become a household name.

Despite the controversy involving her marriage to filmmaker Peter Paul and their eventual breakup, Vanitha continues to grow her YouTube channel by sharing cooking and lifestyle videos. As of 29th May, the channel has over 660,000 subscribers.

Recently, Vanitha spoke about the news of sexual misconduct allegations against a school teacher from Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan (PSBB) school at KK Nagar. Interestingly, Vanitha and her sisters are alumni of the school.

The Bigg Boss star opened up on her experience studying at the school and discussed the issue from a neutral standpoint.

Check out her full video here:

Source: Vanitha's YouTube Channel