The recent episode of Bigg Boss has been the talk of the town as the conflict between Mugen and Abhirami went overboard.

Malaysian contestant Mugen who is known for being hot-tempered almost got physical with his close friend Abhirami following Vanitha's entry into the Bigg Boss house.

Vanitha, who entered the house as a guest, was seen targetting Mugen, Tharshan, and Losliya - the three foreign contestants in the competition.

After entering the house for the second time, Vanitha manipulated other contestants, saying they shouldn't let Sri Lankan contestant Tharshan win just because he has a troubled past in his country. She asked the other contestants to leave the show if they are not interested in competing against him.

Following that, she managed to create a big conflict between Abhirami and Mugen who had been on good terms. She was even seen smiling during their heated argument, where Mugen almost hit Abhirami with a chair.

During the end of the previous episode, Vanitha was seen backbiting about Sri Lankan contestant Losliya to Sherin and Abhirami, the two contestants who are easily influenced by her.

She even said to the housemates that Losliya has many faces, like 'Ravanan', which she only noticed after she left the show.

At the moment, Tharshan, Losliya, and Mugen have huge support and fan following. Is Vanitha purposely plotting against the foreign contestants in the house to ensure contestants from her country head to the finals?

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Image credit: Vijay TV