Vanitha Vijayakumar and Peter Paul's marriage during the lockdown became one of the most controversial topics in Kollywood after Peter's first wife revealed that she's still legally married to him.

Vanitha replied harshly towards everyone who supported Peter's first wife, Elizabeth Helen. Eventually, she decided to ignore the negative comments and move on with her life. Recently, the couple went to Goa with the daughters to celebrate Vanitha's birthday.

It seemed like all was well between them until rumors of Vanitha chasing her husband out of the house started making rounds. The news posted by Ravindar, who publicly opposed their marriage previously.

Responding to the rumor, Vanitha posted a lengthy explanation on her Twitter page. Take a look:

According to her tweets, Vanitha explained that she never broke home and only made home with someone who was in pain. She slammed the media for discussing and making fun of her personal life.

The TV star revealed that she's going through another big challenge in life, and losing in love is something she got used to dealing with in the past. Her priorities remain her work and daughters despite the immense pain and suffering she feels.

In a nutshell, netizens believed that Vanitha was hinting at a break up with her husband Peter Paul via her tweets. She ended her post by saying that she's making the right decision keeping her kids in mind.

Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: Galata & Instagram