Bigg Boss Vanitha's life took a positive turn after her participation in the Season 3 of the show.

She gained fame among the TV audience and the opportunity to participate in a famous cooking reality show called 'Cooku with Comali'.

The star even became the title winner and started her own YouTube channel where she shared her iconic recipes from the cooking competition.

Recently, her YouTube channel hit 100,000 subscribers as Vanitha continues to upload new videos from her house during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Today, Vanitha opened up about her mother Manjula's influence on her healthy lifestyle habits and skincare routine.

The Bigg Boss star revealed the secret ingredient to her surprising weight loss after the reality show. It's Garcinia Cambodia, a tropical fruit also known as the Malabar/Kerala tamarind.

In this video, Vanitha explains how she drinks the supplement and how it affects her weight loss. Watch it here:

Source: Vanitha YouTube channel
Photo Credit: Twitter