We are no strangers to Bigg Boss Vanitha's troubled love life. Despite doing extremely well in her TV career, Vanitha is facing many issues in her personal life. She recently got married to a filmmaker Peter Paul, which she claimed to be an engagement once Peter was revealed to be married. He was separated from wife Elizabeth Helen for years, but they didn't get a divorce.

Vanitha didn't back down and went against all odds to safeguard the beautiful family she just created alongside Peter Paul and her daughters. However, their marital bliss didn't last long. The accusations from his first wife claiming that Peter's a drunkard and irresponsible proved to be true.

Vanitha spent lakhs trying to cure him for heart problems rising from his drinking habits. Despite getting better, Peter started consuming alcohol again. After a birthday trip to Goa as a family, Peter left Vanitha and it created a ruckus online.

"I'll make the right decision keeping my kids and the people around me in mind. I hope and pray for the miracle but if not I'll face it too. Life still has to go on. Nothing can break me anymore. Lastly, I'm not giving up yet," she wrote on her Twitter page.

Vanitha opened up in a lengthy video on how hurt and shocked she was with his behavior. She concluded that she came in the middle and will leave in the middle.

"I've seen many things in life. I'm strong enough and I'll face this for the sake of my children," Vanitha added.

Soon, she resumed her life and was attending shoots and giving out interviews as usual. However, netizens started speculating that Vanitha is trying to get back with Peter Paul. Disturbed with the rumors, Vanitha took to Twitter and made it clear that she has no legal or emotional ties with Peter Paul.

Take a look at her tweet:

We hope the Bigg Boss star will find peace and love in life with her career and daughters.

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Source: Indiagitz
Photo Credit: Bollywood Life