It was quite an interesting week in Bigg Boss as the controversial contestant Sakshi Agarwal was voted out, and former Bigg Boss contestant Vanitha Vijayakumar was brought in to the show as a guest.

While the viewers were in joy for having Vanitha back in the show, the housemates felt otherwise as they were shocked to see the actress.

Vanitha who is known for being bold and creating problems around the house started pointing out the housemates' fault one by one.

Among her main target for the day was Mugen. While others believe it was Abhirami's fault for going after Mugen knowing he's in a committed relationship, Vanitha stated otherwise, saying Mugen is the one who didn't take a stand and gave false hope for Abhirami.

"What you did was wrong, and we discussed this in the second week itself," she said to Mugen, even though it was unclear for the viewers which discussion she meant.

Abhirami and Mugen decided to keep quiet and listen without any arguments. She further questioned Abhirami if she acted in 'Nerkonda Parvai' movie without knowing the story.

"No means no! That's what you should have told Mugen," she added.

The complicated relationship between Abhirami and Mugen has caused Mugen to be in the nomination for the very first time.

Besides Mugen, Vanitha also roasted other contestants for not playing a fair game.

"All of you wanted Tharshan to win because of his terrible past in Sri Lanka. Then why are you all still here? I will ask Kamal to open the door for 10 minutes this weekend, so the one who's not interested in competing can leave," she said.

Since Vanitha is in the house, things might get heated up again. And this time, the other contestants need to treat her nice since it's their luxury task!

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Image credit: Vijay TV