Velmurugan is an award-winning singer who recently got eliminated from the Bigg Boss S4 show.

Upon his exit, the singer revealed many unknown details about the incidents that were happening inside.

When asked about his relationship with Bala, the singer revealed that:

"Bala saw me as a person with a lower status, thus he treated me differently from the beginning. He thinks of himself as the Bigg Boss, and I even reminded him that I was staying at the Bigg Boss house and not at Bala's house because he was just being rude to me all the time," he revealed.

The singer revealed how he was mistreated many times and he decided to keep quiet about it to avoid unnecessary problems.

Furthermore, the singer also revealed that he got sad seeing Bala's reaction to his elimination. Bala was overjoyed and ran to hug Ajeedh, when Kamal announced Velmurugan's name as the person to leave the show.

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Source: The New Indian Express