Yashika Anand, an actress, and Bigg Boss S2 contestant, has been in the news after a tragic car accident that killed her friend and left her with multiple fractures.

The actress is currently at the Apollo Hospital in Chennai. The actress reportedly drove the car at high speed and lost control. It has been confirmed Yashika didn't drive the car under the influence of alcohol.

Yashika's alleged boyfriend Niroop Nandakumar met her at the hospital after the accident. Yashika believed to have told the truth about the car accident to Niroop.

He then went to the mortuary to see Pavani, Yashika's friend who passed away on the spot. He also reportedly went to the location of the accident to inspect.

It's reported that Niroop has given his statement to the police after that. The police have registered a case against Yashika and are investigating.

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Newsdir3