"Singa Penne" is a big hit and has everyone taking notice of it and its film, "Bigil".

When it was leaked on 16 July, AR Rahman and the team were left shocked and nervous and did not release any statement on the leak.

They had, however, removed all traces of it from the Internet. Fans of Vijay expressed their support to the team by using the hash tag - #DontWorryTeamBigil.

All was not lost because the song proved that the critics of AR Rahman wrong. They had written off the two-time Oscar Award winner after a few of his recent albums failed to impress. Notably, his songs in Vijay's previous film "Sarkar" had not lived up to the expectations and his more experimental songs did not go well with a section of people.

"#Bigil has started to answer the doubters of ARR. Those who were sceptical of his casting in Bigil for music, this album will be the answer. Let's enjoy once everything comes out officially. #ARRahman. [sic]" a Vijay fan tweeted in support.

There was a belief among the people that AR Rahman had past his prime and struggling to create memorable songs like before. Another section felt that the musician had lost his touch after he started working on international projects.

But all is now well and the composer even revealed that the say is dedicated to women. Lyricist Vivek Velmurugan was asked to create an anthem on women.

Vijay's fans now have aiming to make the song a top hit by wanting to garner 10 million views and 100,000 likes in 24 hours.

They aren't just looking for repeated viewing - followers of the fan clubs have been told to spread the link on all social media platforms to achieve the numbers and to draw the attention of the non-Tamil audience.

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Source: IB Times
Photo Credit: IBTimes