Happy Birthday to the charming and daring Thala Ajith!

He has always been considered as an outsider to Tamil cinema. Born in Hyderabad as Ajith Kumar to a Palakkad Iyer father and a Sindhi mother, he hailed from a non-filmy background and worked his way up the ladders of success to eventually become the much-loved Ultimate Star of Kollywood.

Despite his success, Ajith rarely attends public events, film promotions or even interviews. He's known to be very private and doesn't even have a social media account on any platforms. Many of his fans wonder why their favourite star is not giving them the opportunity to get to know him up-close. Things have not always been this way.

In one of his very first interviews as a rising star (1997), Ajith admitted he wished to pursue a career in automobile engineering, however, his family was not very fond of seeing him as a mechanic. He went on into the textile business before getting his first important role in Amaravathi.

If you carefully follow the interview, he's straight-forward and fearless in answering all the questions. Well, that's what landed him in trouble in the first place. According to Indian Express, the actor 'caused a tremor in the Tamil film industry when he spoke about the political pressure on actors during a DMK function in front of then Chief Minister Karunanidhi'.

His bold remarks were taken in a different context and misunderstood on many occasions like this. He explained in an interview on Kalaignar TV about the reason why he's no longer giving out interviews. Check it out:

Well, even after he was labelled as an 'arrogant star', Ajith still chooses to avoid public attention and self-promotion. The more Ajith tries to stay out of the public eye, the more fans are curious about his life. This has worked out so well for the actor that his films are now blockbuster hits even if he doesn't attend the promotions.

His most recent film Viswasam alone has collected Rs 2.08 billion (RM 123 mil) of box office collections. Shocking, isn't it?

Source: Indian Express
Photo Credit: Twitter, Pinterest, Telugu Cinemas & India Times