Salman Khan is one of the top stars in Bollywood and has had massive hits throughout his film career. He was also the Bigg Boss Hindi host since the start of the show and had amassed a huge fan following over the years.

Just recently, Mumbai police received a bomb threat email stating a bomb would go off at Salman Khan's residence in 2 hours. After receiving the anonymous email, the police, along with the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS), rushed to Salman's residence to evacuate the place and tighten security.

They conducted a thorough search for the bomb and found nothing. While Salman was not at his house when they arrived, the rest of the family were shifted back to his house after the search.

After confirming the email was a lie, the police tracked the sender of the email to Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. Salman Khan has yet to comment on the issue.

Source: India Today
Photo Credit: eWeek & Koimoi