After denying her entry into Bigg Boss 3 multiple times and giving out interviews analysing the housemates in-depth, actress Kasthuri has finally entered the Bigg Boss house.

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In today's promo released by Vijay TV, a life-size gift box is shown in the house. Excited, Losliya calls out the other housemates and when they finally see what's inside the box, it was Kasthuri.

Right after coming out of the box, Kasthuri greets all the housemates and declares that she has a lot of questions for Shakshi. Is she targeting Shakshi already?

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Since there's no official confirmation if she's going to be the wildcard contestant or a guest, we'll have to wait for the episode tonight to find out.

Actress Kasthuri has been a controversial figure in the online space for her open criticism of the most pressing issues in Tamil Nadu and the Tamil cinema industry.

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It's going to be interesting to see how the actress mingles with the housemates and positions herself as a competitive contestant. What is going to be her strategy? Any guesses?

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Source: Vijay TV