Bigg Boss 3 is nearing its end and so far, Mugen and Sandy have entered the finals officially.

Many netizens were expecting Tharshan to be the third finalist, however recent reports have alleged that he has been evicted from the show.

The news of Tharshan getting eliminated has been trending on Twitter and netizens are mostly disappointed. Here's what they have been tweeting:
Today's Bigg Boss 3 promo also indicated that someone will be leaving the show this weekend. Take a look:

While the rumour hasn't been confirmed, the probability of Tharshan getting eliminated remains high, according to some netizens.

Over the last few seasons, Bigg Boss Tamil has been accused of favouring contestants from Tamil Nadu. In the first two seasons, Tamilians Aarav and Riythvika were the title winners.

Will Bigg Boss Tharshan get evicted tonight? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: News Crunch & Dinamalar