It's been a week since the beginning of 'Ticket to Finale' tasks and every contestant in Bigg Boss 3 tried their best to win the golden ticket. The competition between the housemates was so fierce that it resulted in frequent fights and arguments. The game was truly on!

Many netizens were expecting Tharshan or Mugen to win the ticket since they were seen as the season's favourite contestants. Meanwhile, some of Kavin's die-hard fans wanted him to bag the spot. The Twittersphere was flooding with posts of support for all three contestants.

However, after much speculations over the weekend, it has been revealed that Malaysian contestant Mugen Rao has seized the golden ticket and he will be one of the finalists. This is the first time in the history of Bigg Boss Tamil that a Malaysian has joined and proceeded to the finals.

Host Kamal Hassan personally congratulated and complimented Mugen for his sincerity and integrity while competing in the tasks.
Here's what some of his fans are saying:

Congratulations to Mugen. Do you think he might turn out to be the title winner of Bigg Boss 3? Let us know in the comments!

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