Famous Kannada-based singer Sushmita was only 26 years old and had recently got married. Following her marriage, the singer faced problems and pressure at her in-laws forcing her to commit suicide.

A suicide note found near Sushmitha reads the reason why she took such a drastic step of ending her life. Her in-laws have been pressuring her for dowry and the singer couldn't stand their torture any longer.

She named the people responsible for her death and insisted on the note that legal action must be taken against them. Also, she forbade anyone from her husband's family from attending her funeral and only wishes her younger brother to perform her final rites.

On top of that, Sushmitha apologised to her mother for her decision and wanted the mother to take care of her younger brother well after her passing.

Sushmitha's sudden death has shaken the Kannada industry. It's shocking that India's notorious dowry practice is still making the lives of young women like Sushmitha a living hell.

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Deccan Chronicle & Wiki Folder