Bigg Boss S3 will be reaching its 80th day soon, with less than a month to go to its big finale.

Among the main highlights this week was the fight between Vanitha and Sherin, where Vanitha accused Sherin of having an affair with Tharshan, who's already in a relationship with Sanam Shetty.

The matter escalated further and Sherin said she won’t be on talking terms with Tharshan anymore.
But in a shocking turn of events, Tharshan's girlfriend Sanam Shetty announced her break up with Tharshan following that incident.

"I've been with Tharshan through his ups and downs for the past three years when he was not famous as now. But I can't stand the hatred that's being shown to me by Sherin and Tharshan's fans. They are accusing me of standing in the way of Sherin and Tharshan," she cried.

According to the model, tons of people messaged her on social media, ask ling her to leave Tharshan as they believe Sherin and Tharshan make a very cute pair.

"My family and I are having a terrible time from the day Tharshan entered the Bigg Boss house. People are targetting me, treating me like a villain, and I can't stand this anymore," she added.

Some claim Sanam is trying to find fame by talking about Tharshan in interviews and accuse her of spoiling his name.

"Some say they want to save Tharshan from me, but even in the interviews, I said good things about him. I love you Tharshan, but I will always wish you well from afar. You will not hear from me again," said Sanam as a break-up message for Tharshan.

Here's what she posted:

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