It's undeniable that Thala Ajith and Thalapathy Vijay are among the biggest stars of Tamil cinema. But while they claim to be good friends, the same cannot be said about their fans.

A decade-long feud has been in place between Thala-Thalapathy fans, both of whom claim their favorite hero is better than the other.

This feud took an ugly turn on Twitter this morning (18 Apr 2020). Hashtags like #June22BlackdayForVijay, #மே1அஜித்குபாடைகட்டு (Translation: May 1 Build Death Bed for Ajith), and #June22VijayDeathDay have been trending.

Fans are making distasteful retweets and bashing the stars in their attempt to prove one is better than the other. Here are some of the posts on Twitter:

It all started with a simple buzz claiming that Vijay's much-anticipated film 'Master' will be released on the star's birthday June 22 this year. While Thalapathy fans were thrilled with the news, Thala fans took this opportunity to use hashtag #June22BlackdayForVijay as a show of their dissatisfaction.

It's unknown if the stars will comment on this massive Twitter battle. But unless one of them steps in to calm fans down, this war is expected to go on for a while.

Source: Koimoi & Twitter
Photo Credit: The News Minute