Vanitha Vijayakumar was one of the most dominant contestants on Bigg Boss 3. During her time in the house, she was known for her bold and loud personality. Many housemates struggled to communicate their concerns to her.

After a few weeks, Bigg Boss audience voted Vanitha out from the show. While it seemed like a relief for the housemates, the show was not as interesting as before. Vanitha brought in conflicts, which is good content for the show.

Since Vanitha's elimination, the only conflict that has been lingering in the house was the love triangle between Shakshi, Kavin and Losliya. Now that Shakshi has been evicted from the house, the makers of Bigg Boss brought in Vanitha as a guest. Watch the promo here!

We are excited to see what Vanitha has in mind and how she will interact with the housemates since she would have watched all the episodes after she went out.

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Photo Credit: Vijay TV & The Hindu