Sameera Reddy is loving every second of motherhood. She had recently given birth to a baby girl, but that doesn't mean that she has neglected her fans. Quite the opposite! She has been updating her fans on her baby and how she is dealing with motherhood for the second time round.

In her latest Instagram entry, the 34-year-old actress discussed about breastfeeding saying that although breastfeeding is a "natural process," it can often be "very stressful" at times.

Sameera also said that women should feel free to decide on how to feed their children as "no one can define what's the perfect way." Sameera acknowledges that being a parent is hard and that, "We're doing the best we can."

"I think it's cool if a mom wants to move totally to formula or only BF or balance both. There is no shame and no one can define what's the perfect way. We're doing the best we can! Ladoos to pumps I'm on job but damn it's really quite hard."

She welcomed her second child earlier this month and introduced her to her fans with this post: "This little girl gave me the strength of wild horses. She wanted me to find myself again. She knew I was lost and she showed me the way. I found a voice in celebrating motherhood."

Sameera is also a mother to a son named Hans Varde. She couldn't resist posting a picture of him looking at his little sister. "Love at first sight. He is so fascinated with her. It's too sweet,"

Sameera wrote.

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Source: NDTV
Photo Credit: Sameera Reddy Instagram