Archana, Aranthangi Nisha, Rioraj, Somasekhar, Gabriella and Jithan Ramesh are Bigg Boss S4 contestants who've developed a special bonding during the show.

However, their friendship was seen as a threat by the other contestants as their association affected others who've played solo all the while.

The group, known as the Anbu Gang, had the majority in the show, and decisions were mostly made in favour of them. This was even highlighted by Kamal who wanted them to play their own game.

But things turn upside down when Bigg Boss announced sudden eviction, and Ramesh and Nisha got eliminated one shot. Meanwhile, the group's alleged leader Archana was evicted a week later.

Many took social media to post that it's the end of Anbu Gang, but these contestants proved them wrong with their recent reunion: