Actress Kajal Aggarwal has been one of the top actresses in Kollywood and Tollywood. She has a huge fan following and it's only natural that many of her fans are eager to meet her in-person.

Recently, in an attempt to meet the beautiful actress, the son of businessman based in Ramanathapuram was conned a whopping Rs. 75 lakhs. After learning from a friend that he could meet actresses through a website, the victim found himself registering on that website.

Immediately, he got a call from an unidentified man seeking Rs 50,000. After banking in the money, the victim was asked to choose an actress from the photos sent through Whatsapp. He chose Kajal Aggarwal.

Related imageSoon after, the man started blackmailing the victim for more money and threatened to send their conversations and inappropriate web links to the victim's relatives. Realising that he has been conned, the victim transferred Rs. 75 Lakhs to the man's account and ran away to Kolkata to kill himself.

The victim's father who got worried when his son went missing and contacted the police. According to the father, the victim called him to inform that he's going to commit suicide and cut the call without any explanation.

The police managed to trace the victim and saved him from suicide. Upon questioning, shocking details about the online scam was revealed. As for the conman, the police tracked him down and arrested him at a lodge in Ashok Nagar. He's a Tamil Nadu film producer named Saravana Kumar (a.k.a Gopala Krishnan).

The next time someone tries to get money from you for a celebrity meet-n-greet, be careful. It might be an online scam!

Source: Deccan Chronicle
Photo Credit: The Hindu, Social News XYZ & Ria Money Transfer