This year end, Astro customers can look forward to local Tamil documentary ‘Antha Naal’ and drama telemovie ‘October 22’ premiering on 18 December and 25 December respectively, on Astro Vaanavil HD (Ch 201), Astro GO and On Demand.

Produced by award-winning local filmmaker, Indrani Kopal and directed by Maran Perianen, ‘Antha Naal’ depicts real-life events and experiences from the 1920s to the 1990s. The documentary reveals Malaysian stories about passion, despair and triumph through interviews hosted by local talent, Kabilan Kandasamy. Enjoy new episodes of ‘Antha Naal’ premiering every Saturday, 8pm.

Customers can also look forward to drama telemovie ‘October 22’ starring A. Panneeirchelvam, Sithira Thevi, M.S. Lingam, Batumalai Rajoo and Jamuna Rani. Directed by Nauwroz Khan, the story revolves around Selvam, an elderly man who rekindles his memories spent with the love of his life, Chitra during his school days. However, little does he know that she is diagnosed with dementia and is unable to remember her past. Enjoy ‘October 22’ premiering on 25 December, 7pm.

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