Astro customers have compelling choices this year Deepavali with high quality, local Tamil content spanning from variety of genres including telemovies, variety shows, series, musicals, and web dramas, on Astro TV, Astro GO and On Demand. Hear from the renowned directors of premiering Deepavali specials:

Karthik Shamalan, Director, Maniratnam Vanthaachu

Maniratnam Vanthaachu is about rekindling memories and nostalgia of Deepavali greeting cards which is a lost culture being replaced by e-greetings on our devices. The story revolves around Mani who returns from Canada because of the pandemic and tries to send Deepavali cards to his villagers, which turns into a nightmare when he meets a group chasing after a valuable package. With this show, I would like to create awareness on the importance of sharing Deepavali greeting cards and personal issues on social media.

K. Kavi Nanthan, Director, Makkale Chumma Okaarunge & MCO Deepavali Kondattam

The name Makkale Chumma Okaarunge was intended to be MCO in short since it revolves around the MCO period. It’s about the relationship between a father and son who do not get along due to age and view differences, especially during MCO. For MCO Deepavali Kondattam, I was inspired to do something different and feature the casts from Makkale Chumma Okaarunge telemovie which showcases their off-screen characters as well, which was a great experience.

Dev Rajah, Director, Anbukku Naan Adimai

I was approached by ‘Reach Production’ for a tribute to Mugen Rao’s fans. We also wanted to feature his family, one of the pillars of his success, along with his fans. Some of his songs were also refreshed in this show. I happen to also be a Bigg Boss fan because Kamal Haasan is the host! Additionally, we featured guests from the show, including Bigg Boss housemates Tharshan and Sandy Master; representatives from IBP studios; and more.

Ratna K Nadarajan, Producer, Malarum Punnagai & CEO, Mojo Projects Sdn Bhd

It took about 2 weeks to curate the song list ranging from 50’s to 70s and an 8-piece band. The audience can look forward to an unplugged Tamil musical like any other, with mesmerizing vocals and talented live musicians led by music director, Lawrence Soosai. The artiste selection process was a tough one. We first narrowed down to three males and three females to have enough variation for a 90-minute show, which includes popular comedians, Mr S. Paramjothi and Mr AMR Murugesu from the Kalapadam series in the 1980s, for a sense of nostalgia.

We thank Astro for this opportunity and the Astro team for their creative inputs which was helpful in deciding on the line up of experienced singers including Datin Seri Manimala, MS Breetoe, TMS Sivaganthan, Ananthaa Rajaram, Preetha Prasad and Sharmila Sivaguru, who were selected based on their talents and strengths in singing in diverse settings.

Karthik Shamalan, Director, Naran

Naran is a feature film script meant for cinemas but I’m thankful Astro accepted this as a telemovie and will now reach a wide audience. Naran’s script is very detailed as everything is inter-connected. It is my first time working with Karnan G Crack and Sasikumar for a longer story and I am thankful to have them on board. Naran is a psycho thriller which carries a message that will definitely impact audiences. I’ve always had the idea for a thriller where there’s a ‘bad’ character facing another ‘bad’ character. In Naran, both protagonist and antagonist make mistakes and learn from them. In layman terms Naran is defined as God and is about the Goddess Durga battling a Demon and winning.

Denes Kumar, Director, Vanga Pazhagalam

‘Vanga Pazhagalam - Aattam Paatam Kondattam’ is a Musical Show that is set to bring music, colours, joy and togetherness in light of the upcoming Deepavali celebration, symbolizing Indian culture and a ‘balik kampung’ atmosphere. There are variety of games and dance performances that everyone can enjoy. I hope this show brings positive enthusiasm this festive season, especially with the CMCO in place. The idea behind the show popped up when the producer, Dr. Vimala Perumal and I were discussing the important and yet forgotten elements of tradition. We decided to focus on ‘family’.

The Indian culture is often known for its vibrant extended family members with each member having their own significant role and ‘name’ to address them, for example Periapa, Chittapa, Mama, Mamanar, Anne, Thambi, Sagalai and more, for addressing different men in a family. These ‘names’ even differ between maternal and paternal sides of the family. Although these particular cultural elements are still practiced, many others are forgotten due to the influence of western culture. As times change, more traditions are fading away like traditional food, clothes and the custom of families coming together. We hope to enlighten the audience and show them the glorious values of Indian culture and cherish the most important influence on the growth of an individual - family.

Dev Rajah, Director, Deepavali Pokkisham

While I have directed other treasure hunts, this differs because it includes traveling by car to checkpoints. The shoot was challenging with 16 artistes, in terms of the many cameras and crew, especially since each artiste had a big role to play. Because of the complexity, multiple directors were involved to give an extra hand.

Additionally, travelling to different locations and maintaining communication was hectic and a challenge. Nonetheless we rose to the challenge and the final product only shows the contesting teams’ challenges, and not the challenges behind the camera. We hope everyone enjoys the show.