Tomorrow is Deepavali. Astro spoke to talented local personalities about how they plan to celebrate the Festival of Lights, and the exciting Deepavali premieres on Astro:

Subramaniam Veerasamy, Content Manager, RAAGA:

Please share some of the RAAGA’s Deepavali offerings that listeners can look forward to.

Malaysians can enjoy a special RAAGA Deepavali song RAAGAvin Oliyaai Tigazhvom sung by Santesh available on-air, on the SYOK app and on RAAGA’s YouTube channel. Listeners can also participate in RAAGA mattrum LoveMe-udan Oliyaai Tigazhvom, a community initiative to send photo or video Deepavali greetings to orphans from Pertubuhan Perkhidmatan Sosial dan Pembangunan Komuniti Daerah Gombak, Selangor. For more info, visit

Ahila, Suresh, Revathy, Kogulan & Uthaya, Announcers, RAAGA:

What are some of your Deepavali celebration plans this year?

Ahila : I am very excited to go back to my hometown to celebrate Deepavali with my family this year.
Suresh : This year is very special for us as we will be celebrating with our newborn baby, parents and in laws.
Revathy: I will have a special prayer at home and will prepare vegetarian food to be sent to the nearby homes. I will also be visiting my mother which brings me joy.
Uthaya : After 18 months, I'm excited to be returning to my hometown. As we emerge victorious from the battle with Covid-19, it is a similar symbolism the victory of good over evil, celebrated during Deepavali.
Kogulan : I’m returning to my hometown, Kluang to celebrate this special Deepavali with my family after a long time.

Please share your Deepavali message/greetings to fans.

Ahila : It’s amazing that we have this opportunity to celebrate Deepavali with our loved ones. Let’s use this opportunity wisely. As much as we are excited, let’s follow all SOPs and have a safe and prosperous celebration.
Suresh : ‘Murukku’ should be eaten, firecrackers should be set off and Deepavali should be celebrated with fun and excitement.
Revathy: Health is very crucial and should be taken care of even during this festive season. Please take a good care of yourself and your loved ones. Let’s spread love and positivity together and let’s be the light.
Uthaya : Enjoy yourself to the fullest while learning about the origins, traditions, science, and tales surrounding this auspicious celebration.
Kogulan : May we have an awesome and wonderful Deepavali celebration this year. Let’s ensure the safety of us and those around us by complying to the SOPs set while celebrating Deepavali with happiness, great food and laughter.

Kumaresan Anthonysamy, Producer, Comedy Mandram:

Comedy Mandram is a comedy debate show on Astro Vinmeen HD that features the popular cast from India as speakers.

How was your experience like producing this show and choosing the speaker line-up?

This hour-long comedy debate show was shot in India with well-known artistes and comedians from India. We selected popular comedians such as Manimegalai, Bala and Thangadurai, ensuring the show is fun and entertaining.

Gandhimathi Suppiah, Executive Producer, Shopping Killadis:

Shopping Killadis is a variety show featuring celebrities and their spouses from India who participate in Deepavali shopping spree challenge!

How was it like producing this variety show?

This show is based on a shopping spree, which includes fun and comedy activities to enable fans to have fun and escape from the stress they underwent throughout this pandemic. Although it was planned to be produced locally, but due to the enforcement of MCO, it was shot in India featuring real life celebrity couples.

Sathiyavarmaan, Producer, Deepavali Ragalaiz:

Deepavali Ragalaiz is a unique variety show featuring TV and cinema artists from India with Malaysian Deepavali elements.

Could you tell us about the process getting this in place?

We wanted this post Covid-19 Deepavali celebration to be very special for all Malaysians and thus we conceptualized a game show with Malaysian flavour, featuring Indian artistes. This show consists of music, acting, games and comedy sketch. I thank the entire team from Astro, Malaysia and India for their effort, hard work and cooperation as it wouldn’t have been possible without them. Happy Deepavali!

Kirran Prashanth, Director, Lock Down:

Lock Down is a comedy tele-drama featuring a range of popular local artistes.

What are some special aspects of this show you hope Astro customers enjoy?

I would say the concept of this show itself is unique because it is based on the lockdown experience along with 60% of the engagement features video calls conversations similar to concepts in Hollywood films. This was also inspired by ‘C U Soon’, a Malayalam movie. This show features popular local cast, Pashini along with the independent artists including Havoc Naven, Havoc Mathan, Kesavan, Arvind Raj, Sheezay and more while Havoc Naven and Pashini played the lead roles. Huge thank you to the entire team who made this show a success.

Martin R. Chantheran, Director, Enna Kodumai Saar Ithu!:

You directed Enna Kodumai Saar Ithu!, a five episode comedy drama web series available on Astro Ulagam to all Malaysians this Deepavali. What was your motivation to direct a comedy drama web series and what was your experience like?

The story was presented by Astro Ulagam team and I felt that it has a very deep and meaningful message that should be delivered to the younger generation especially during Deepavali. Although Ravin is a popular local artist, but it is his debut in a lead role which presented its own challenges. However, with our continuous effort, I believe Ravin has effortlessly transitioned from a good performer to a reliable and strong lead actor. We had so much fun making this show and we hope our audience will enjoy it.