An Epic Tale Of 7 Births!

Radaan's Vani Rani is finally coming to an end after successfully running for over 5 years and the viewers now get to see Radhika in different characters all at once.

Yes, Raadan's next mega serial 'Chandrakumari' will be commencing in just days and Radhika will be playing 7 roles in the series.

We've seen Kamal Haasan attempting 10 characters in the movie Dasavathaaram previously, which was indeed an applaudable effort.

But, Radhika is taking this to a whole new level, as she will be playing the 7 characters for years! And we are well aware that Radaan's mega serials will take at least 5 years or more to end.

Now that is one daring attempt to give something different. In a recent interview, Radhika mentioned that Chandrakumari will mark a milestone in her career and it's the most challenging project for her so far.

The story which revolves from ancient to contemporary times will bring Chandrakumari's 7 births to screen.

However, we can't help but notice the resemblance of Radhika's Chandrakumari to Baahubali's Sivagami played by Ramya Krishnan. Was Radhika's character inspired by Baahubali's Sivagami, or is it just an attempt to ride on the success of Sivagami by stealing the idea?

Guess we have to wait to find out! Here's a glimpse of what you can expect in this mega project: