Uppuroti Chidambaram is a heart-warming local Tamil family drama series that is currently airing on Astro Vaanavil (CH 201).

Astro recently caught up with the director and actors of the series to find out their experience working on it. Here's the interview:

Shalini Balasundram, Director

What was your inspiration behind Uppuroti Chidambaram?

Various aspects around me inspired this series, including some memories from my childhood. The series is strongly related to family, and I believe it resonates with Malaysian culture. I have always been impressed by the love audiences have for foreign drama series and have tried to understand the psychology behind it. With that, I tried to apply that psychology in our local series.

Please share your significant memories while directing Uppuroti Chidambaram

As a director, I was impressed while shooting the series. Most of my artistes evolved into the character and they pleasantly surprised me during the shoot. Rest assured, it will create magic on screen.

K. Gunasegaran & Nathiya Jayabalan, Cast Members

Please tell us about the role you play in Uppuroti Chidambaram

Gunasegaran: I played Chidambaram, the head of a joint family. A father who successfully runs his grocery store and looks after his family without slacking on his responsibilities, despite his affection, anger, and strictness in a tense environment caused by his wife and son-in-law.

Nathiya: I play the role of a married woman with two children. My role focuses on how I handle the hardships while fulfilling my family’s needs.

What was your experience like acting in Uppuroti Chidambaram?

Gunasegaran: It was a new experience for me to stay as a family for 20 consecutive days in the same house while participating in the shoot. It was also a good experience to play the lead role in a 35-episodic series.

Nathiya: I was nervous and anxious during the first few rehearsals. Thanks to the director for her patience and experienced actors for their great support. It has been an awesome experience so far.

You can catch Uppuroti Chidambaram from Mondays to Thursdays at 9.30pm on Astro Vaanavil, or catch up via Astro GO or On Demand.

Other notable actors in the series include Kabil Ganesan, Thasha Krishnakumar, Komalaa Naaidu and Kavitha.