Chef Venkatesh Bhat isn't letting negative comments slide by on social media.

Sharing with fans the kind of negative comments he recently received, Chef Venkat fired back at his critics on social media posts.

Over the weekend a Malaysian fan turned to Facebook to share some unwelcome criticism regarding the way Venkat treated the contestants at the “Cooku With Comali” show.

Check out the comments below:

This is not the first time Chef Venkat has dealt with trolls. Life is never as serious as we make it out to be…Many times we indeed tend to take life too seriously, focusing on the negative aspects. However, let's enjoy the cooking show as what is life without jokes, etc.

Chef Venkatesh Bhat is a well-known personality in the culinary world and has gained immense popularity over the years due to his innovative cooking techniques and unique presentation style. Besides hosting several cooking shows on Indian television - he has also penned many cookbooks.

Image Credit: Chef Venkatesh Bhat