Cheran is an award-winning director and one of the Bigg Boss contestants who was recently accused of harassment by fellow contestant Meera Mithun.

Cheran who broke into tears over the incident, confess that he joined the show just for his daughters and no one will step forward to marry his daughters if such accusations are made towards him. He insisted on leaving the show but was convinced to stay by his fellow contestants.

But why did Cheran enter the show for his daughters?

Almost five years ago, Cheran and his younger daughter were caught in a major controversy when she ran away from home with her boyfriend.

It was revealed that the boy was looking for an opportunity to act as a hero in the industry, and was merely using his daughter as bait. It took quite some time, but she eventually came home after learning the truth about her boyfriend.

Cheran didn't give up on his daughter and fought to ensure her life wouldn’t get ruined with the wrong guy.

Here's what happened:

Due to this issue, Cheran failed to concentrate on his movies and has now joined Bigg Boss in the hopes that it will help him focus on his profession once again.

Following Meera Mithun's accusation, viewers have voted for Sakshi to stay in the game - even though Sakshi consistently got fewer votes than Meera right up till the previous day. Looks like Meera Mithun will be leaving the Bigg Boss house this week.

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