Chinmayi is a South Indian singer who became the face of the #MeToo movement in India and other parts of the world.

The singer who's quite active n social media, voicing out against sexual harassment, recently spoke about an issue that happened in Malaysia.

A Malaysian Facebooker recently made a video targeting a girl who made a Tik Tok video - criticizing her for her dressing and behaviour. In the video, the guy further claimed that rapes are caused by girls' dressing.

The victim, however, defended herself by posting another video justifying herself. Many Malaysians have shown their support for the girl, as they didn't agree with the point the guy made.

In regards to this, Chinmayi has now said that character assassination, cyberbullying and derogatory comments are wrong, whether it happens to a girl or guy. Check out the video she posted regarding this issue:

But a day after this video was posted, a girl from Penang ended up committing suicide due to cyberbullying when a now deactivated Facebook page posted her picture with her colleague, accusing them of being in a relationship.