TV actress Pavani Reddy became a known face to Tamil audiences after her famous role as Nandhini in the Chinna Thambi serial. Just recently, news of her second marriage started spreading on social media. Many of her fans were shocked with the update since they were unaware of Pavani Reddy's first marriage.

Before her Chinna Thambi fame, Pavani was actively acting in Tamil and Telugu serials. In 2013, she married Telugu serial actor Pradeep Kumar whom she met and fell in love with while co-starring in a serial. However, Pradeep committed suicide in 2017 after an argument with Pavani. She was shocked and heartbroken with her husband's sudden death.

To move on from the tragic loss, Pavani started focusing on her TV career. That's when she landed the role Nandhini in Chinna Thambi. The serial ended after 2 years on June 21st, just a day before the premiere of Bigg Boss 3.

It's believed that Pavani's family has decided to arrange a second marriage with a family friend, Anand. According to Pavani, Anand knows about her past and it's a proper arranged marriage.

"In fact, Anand was the one who bought the Pradeep tattoo I have on my hand," Pavani said in an interview.

The wedding date will soon be announced to the public. Our best wishes to the beautiful actress and her future husband!

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Indiaglitz, Bollywood Life, News Nation & DNA India