VJ Chitra's untimely passing has left a void in everyone's lives. Fans and her friends are still in a state of shock because the Chitra they know would never have resorted to suicide.

The police recently arrested Chitra's husband Hemanth for abetting her suicide. It's believed that Hemanth's jealousy and possessiveness has pushed Chitra to take the extreme step.

Now, Chitra's make-up artist and close friend Jancy has shared that Chitra is a happy person and she always makes sure that people around her are also happy.

"She's always smiling and enjoying. She doesn't like to stay quiet. She's always teasing someone or keeping everyone entertained, taking videos and photos. Wherever she is, the place and people will be jovial," she added.

Jancy also stressed that Chitra was never depressed. They have known each other for six years and have worked closely.

"I've never seen Chitra stressed or depressed like eceryone is saying right now. She loves to work and wear makeup," Jancy said.

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Source: Cine Ulagam
Photo Credit: Galatta & Times of India