The situation in the Bigg Boss S3 house has been quite tense for the pasts several days with the re-entry of Sakshi, Abhirami and Mohan Vaidya as guests.

It is well known that Losliya and Kavin have developed feelings for each other, and the entry of Kavin's old flame Sakshi has made things much difficult for them both.

Sakshi who left the house and viewed all the episodes released an angry video when Kavin played the victim card on the show by saying Sakshi was trying to get him eliminated - even after she was out.

Now, with her return, the viewers were expecting a clash between Sakshi-Losliya and Sakshi-Kavin.

Sakshi and Kavin got into arguments during the debate task previously, but Sakshi was just avoiding Losliya the entire time.

However, in today's episode, the guests gave 'chameleon' award to Losliya, who threw it away on the stage in her usual-arrogant manner.

Both Sakshi and Losliya ended up having a heated argument after that. But, through this entire ordeal, Kavin was more focused on not getting involved in any of their problems.

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