Kollywood's top comedian Vadivelu who was banned from acting in cinema due to his dispute with director S. Shankar while shooting for 'Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi 2' is returning to the cinema once again after years.

It is now revealed that the red card ban given to the actor has been revoked as the problem has been resolved amicably among the relevant parties.

Following his return, Vadivelu revealed that he has signed five movies with Lyca Production, and will be working on 'Nai Sekhar' under the direction of Suraj. The comedian will be playing the lead in two of the movies, and will be playing supporting roles in the remaining three movies.

Now, rumours are making rounds that producers are willing to pay up to Rs10 crores to sign the actor for a movie.

Source: Cineulagam
Image credit: Cinemaexpress & Wikiwand