The Bigg Boss Tamil S4 show is back to its original form with most of its contestants returning to the house, and the same old 'Naada Kaada' task given once again.

Since the show is nearing the end, viewers are now curious about the cash box offer which usually comes near to the finale to tempt the contestants to leave.

In the previous season, actor Kavin took the cash and opted out of the finale, as only the winner will be winning a lump sum cash in the finale, and the other finalists will be going back empty-handed.

While the viewers were expecting Bala to choose the cash box after his confession to Shivani in an unseen clip, now rumours are making rounds that Ramya has walked out of the show with the cash.

Viewers have now taken social media to speculate about this, and some believe that a street smart person like Ramya might opt for the cash after learning about Aari and Bala's popularity from the ex-contestants.

However, so far there are no official information about this rumours and matters can only be confirmed once the channel telecast it on Bigg Boss.