The highly trending Cooku with Comali 2 show is nearing its end with another strong participant leaving the show this week.

The show started with eight great cooks - Baba Baskar, Ashwin Kumar, Kani Thiru, Shakeela, Pavitra Lakshmi, Darsha Gupta, Deepa Shankar and Madurai Muthu - and Rithika Tamil Selvi joined the show later as a wildcard entrant.

Shakeela, Baba Baskar, Kani and Ashwin were the cooks who sustained till the semi-final round. Meanwhile, Ashwin and Kani have already been named as the first two finalists of the show.

Now it is rumoured that Shakeela might get eliminated this week from the show and if it happens, Baba Baskar would be the third finalist to battle in the grand finale of Cooku with Comali S2.

Source: Cineulagam