Ashwin Kumar is an actor and a great cook who shot to fame after participating in the second season of Cooku with Comali. He has a huge female fan following and has landed two film offers after the show.

Recently, Ashwin was named as Chennai Times Most Desirable Men on TV 2020. He is followed by Bigg Boss S4 fame Balaji Murugadoss. Bigg Boss stars Somshekar and Aari come in third and fourth places respectively.

When he first heard about the news, Ashwin thought someone was pulling a prank.

"Honestly, this announcement is something I wait for every year; I’ve dreamt of seeing my name somewhere in the top 20. But when I learnt that I had clinched the number one slot, I couldn’t believe it," he said.

When asked what makes him desirable, Ashwin claimed that desirability has got a lot to do with one’s personality.

"As a human, you tend to lose your calm at some point. But I ensured I was being myself through the journey. I feel people liked my honesty and casualness," he added.

According to Ashwin, Ajith and Shalini are the most desirable man and woman in the industry and he thinks that they are a cute couple.

Source: Times of India
Photo Credit: Cine Settai, Celeb Center & Indiaglitz