Dhanush is one of the leading actors in Kollywood who have wowed the audience and critic with his stellar performances. Despite not having the classic looks and charisma of a hero, the star proved his talent and incredible on-screen presence through his films.

In 2004, Dhanush got married to Superstar Rajinikanth's daughter Aishwarya. The actor has settled down in Chennai with his wife and two sons - Yatra and Linga. Did you know how the couple fell in love in the first place?

"Dhanush and I getting together is God's will. It was just destined to happen," Aishwarya revealed in an interview with JFW in 2013.

It all began when Aishwarya went to watch his film Kadhal Konden at Albert Theatre and Dhanush was there.

"After watching the movie, I sent him flowers with a note saying he was extremely good and he called me to say thanks. That is how we started talking and within six months we got married. It happened just like how 'Kolaveri' happened," she said.

Of course, both of them were too young and Dhanush's parents hesitated a little. But they don't regret it now. Aishwarya also explained that her parents didn't want her to rush into anything and asked her to think this through.

"I chose to get married to him anyway. I think I have done a good job as a wife and I'm extremely proud of it," she exclaimed.

Since it's impossible to get to know a person in six months, Dhanush and Aishwarya got to know about each other only after marriage.

"The best thing about our relationship is the fact that we give each other plenty of space. Neither of us believes in changing for the other person just because we want to be together. When you are in your mid-20ss your mind is set in terms of what you believe in and it is very hard to change yourself,” Aishwarya explained.

She also admits that it's difficult being with an actor. She has seen what her mother experienced and learned from it.

“I understand the kind of patience it takes to live with an actor. Their timings are not normal, their mood swings are at times haywire and an artist lives in someone else’s shoes when they are acting. While some take it back home, some don’t. But I feel switching personalities can be difficult and the actor in you leaves a residue and the personality lingers around even when they get back home.”

Source: JFW
Photo Credit: BollywoodShaadis, The Indian Express & Instagram