When you've finally met the love of your life, you can feel it in your gut. Filmmaker Soundarya Rajinikanth, knew she finally found The One in businessman Vishagan Vanangamudi and the two decided to become husband and wife in a grand wedding in February 2019.

The guest list for the reception read like a who's who in India, attended by prominent figures such as Mukesh Ambani and Kajal.

Recently, the happy duo confirmed in an interview that they found each other through the age old method of arranged marriage and it was love at first sight for Soundarya! She said she was so sure that Vishagan was her one and only when they met for the first time.

As much as Vishagan made her heart sang, her practical side took over and she wanted to make sure that she was indeed correct and wasn't being swept away by her strong feelings. Then stepped in sister Aishwaryaa and brother-in-law Dhanush to give her their seal of approval before Soundarya set up the all important meeting with the big man - her father, and Vishagan's future father-in-law, Rajinikanth. "I was sure about him and I wanted some reassurance, so I made him meet these two people who are close to me," shared Soundarya.

Naturally, Vishagan was nervous about the meeting (who wouldn't be?) but future brother-in-law Dhanush, who has been down that road before, reassured him and helped him to steady his nerves. .

Dhanush opened up about the advice he gave to Vishagan, "Yes, I said everything is going to be fine and that's what anybody would say. Meeting a big man can be a little intimidating, so I told him, he is really a very cool person so just be calm. Things will be all fine."

Happily for Vishagan, the meeting went well as predicted by Dhanush and he revealed that Rajinikanth was warm and receptive towards him. Both Soundarya and Vishagan are divorcees and this is the second marriage for the both of them.

Soundarya has a four-year-old son, Ved Krishna from her first marriage with Ashwin Ramkumar. Vishagan, too, ended his marriage with Kanikha Kumaran due to irreconcilable differences.

Soundarya posted a photo of Ved last month posing exactly like his grandfather and captioned the photo, "like thatha like grandson" and it's too adorable for words.

Speaking about Vishagan and her son's bond, she said, "Ved took a liking the first time he met Vishagan. I showed him Vishagan's picture and said, 'see daddy'. Vishagan is very patient with Ved. It was the Muhurtham time and Ved wasn't at the Mandapam yet. I was really tensed but Vishagan turned towards me and said, 'I will not marry you until Ved arrives.'"

And that folks, is true love! We wish the both of you a long and happy marriage.

Source: MSN
Photo Credit: shaadisaga