Dhanush is a phenomenal star with tremendous career growth in Tamil cinema. He has now stepped into the world of Hollywood. His rise to stardom was not an overnight feat, but the star proved himself to be a talented actor on-screen time and again over the last decade.

His father director Kasthuri Raja launched the actor in 2002 with the coming-of-age film 'Thulluvadho Ilamai'. After that, there was no stopping for him. Apart from being an award-winning actor, he's also a producer, writer, playback singer, and lyricist.

But, did you know that the actor's real name is Venkat Prabhu? He assumed the screen name Dhanush as there were already two famous Prabhus in the industry, veteran actor Prabhu and actor-dancer-director Prabhu Deva.

There's a common practice in K-town, where the filmmakers who introduced a star get to pick their screen name, but Dhanush didn't turn to his father. Instead, he was inspired by a film called 'Kuruthi Punal' starring Kamal Haasan and Arjun.

In the film, Kamal and Arjuna are high-ranking agents who combat terrorists as part of a top-secret 'Operation Dhanush'. They infiltrate the terrorist group by placing their agents and lose their lives in the end, trying to protect the identities of the spy agents.

Venkat Prabhu became Dhanush after watching the film. The actor is turning 38 years old today, and our happiest birthday wishes for him.

Photo Credit: Superstarbio, South Indian Superstars & The Hindu