VJ Archana, Bigg Boss S4's wild card contestant, got evicted from the show in the previous episode of Bigg Boss.

Archana is a game-changer this time as she altered the entire course of the game by forming a group who looks after each other.

Now fans are pointing out Archana's final strategy to support her favourites in the house.

Just last week Archana removed her mic when talking about Ramesh, and justified that she didn't want the viewers to get influenced with her views.

But Bala nominated her for this - pointing out that she only offed the mic when talking about the people she likes, but will directly tell to the camera and influence about the contestants that she's not fond of.

However, fans are now pointing out that Archana did the same while exiting the house.

She said Rio is a good guy and emphasised that he should win the game, but told that Aari should at least try to be honest instead of just preaching about it, in the presence of Kamal - two statements that might influence the viewers.

Is this Archana's final strategy?