The Bigg Boss Tamil S5 is about to reach its 1-month mark soon. Out of the initial 18 contestants, Namitha Marimuthu and Nadia Chang are the two contestants who have left the Bigg Boss house so far.

Akshara Reddy is one of the contestants who became a favourite for many in the show. Now several Bigg Boss fans are accusing Akshara of changing her identity to cover her controversial past.

The ongoing rumour alleges that Akshara Reddy's real name is Shravya Sudhakar and that she was interrogated by the CBI in 2013 for her involvement in a gold smuggling case in Kerala. Shravya Sudhakar is also a model who often take part in beauty pageants.

The rumour further claims that she has undergone plastic surgery to help her revamp her look and career after the controversial gold smuggling case.

The accusers also claim that Shravya Sudhakar has taken part in Vijay Television's 'Villa to Village' reality show previously, and Akshara Reddy's Instagram account also states that she's part of the 'Villa to Village' show. These, however, are mere speculations and there are no solid evidence to prove that both Akshara Reddy and Shravya Sudhakar are the same person.

Source: Indiaglitz