Last year, some news sites claimed that Bigg Boss Yashika got into an accident due to drunk driving. It was alleged that Yashika hit a delivery man named Bharath and left the scene in another vehicle. However, the starlet denied the allegations.

According to Yashika, it was her friends who got involved in the accident. The actress rushed to the spot after hearing the news to aid them. Now, event manager has Jor Micheal shared shocking details about the incident!

According to Joe Michael, the delivery man Bharath was allegedly hit by Yashika's friends at Nungambakkam, Chennai on Oct 6. The car was believed to be driven by her friend and Bigg Boss 4 contestant Balaji. While Joe Micheal couldn't reach out to Yashika regarding the matter, he approached her friend.

The friend confirmed that Yashika was never in the car during the accident. It was Balaji who was in the car with another friend of theirs. When the accident happened, Balaji is believed to have called Yashika for help. But the media assumed it was Yashika who caused the accident when she was spotted there.

Yashika has yet to comment on the news and guess we have to wait for Balaji to talk about it in the show.

Source: Cine Ulagam
Photo Credit: Samayam & India Today