Remember the time when the Bigg Boss house stood witness to young lovers Kavin and Losliya, who were inseparable? It all started as a love triangle between Bigg Boss housemates Kavin, Sakshi, and Losliya.

In the initial days of Bigg Boss 3, Kavin pursued model and actress Sakshi. He, however, soon neglected her and got close to Losliya. They bonded well, and this left Sakshi feeling hurt and disappointed.

Sakshi eventually got eliminated from the show, which gave Kavin and Losliya more time for each other. But, their short-lived love story hit a rough patch when Losliya's father strictly forbade the relationship.

He openly showed his dissatisfaction when he met his daughter Losliya after many years on the show during the 'Freeze Task'.

After Bigg Boss, fans were eager to find out about Kavin and Losliya's relationship status. The stars refrained from speaking about each other and chose to stay away. They haven't been seen in any public events together. But their fans never stopped hoping for the ex-lovers to rekindle their relationship again.

Netizens often go out of their way to relate Kavin and Losliya based on their posts on social media. Recently, Kavin posted a series of mirror selfies on his Instagram account with striking captions. Take a look:

Edukadha dress la photo eduthu vechukuta epayadhu udhavum.. ??‍♂️ Taken while shopping costumes for our #lift ?

A post shared by Kavin M (@kavin.0431) on

Accept the dark in you.. !

A post shared by Kavin M (@kavin.0431) on

Practice the pause when the rewind button is missing.. ! #Pause

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Following the selfies, Losliya posted a mirror selfie with the caption: 'Life is trying to teach you something so accept your mistakes & see yourself in the mirror ?' Netizens believe that Losliya is taking a dig at Kavin in her caption. This is the post:

Life is trying to teach you something so accept your mistakes & see yourself in the mirror ?

A post shared by Losliya Mariyanesan (@losliyamariya96) on

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Source: Instagram & Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: Newbricks & Pinterest