Bigg Boss S3 which successfully ran for three months has finally ended, and Malaysia's Mugen Rao was crowned as the show's champion.

Among the finalists of the show was Sherin Shringar, who had a crush on Tharshan - a fellow contestant from Sri Lanka.

Despite admiring Sherin, Tharshan has made it clear that he already has a girlfriend and would like to stay as just a friend. But during Tharshan's unexpected eviction, Sherin wrote a letter to him expressing her feelings.

Now in a recent interview, Sherin reveals that Tharshan promised to give her an answer after the finale, however, he hasn't given her a response to-date.

Thus, Sherin made it clear that she has not contacted Tharshan after leaving the Bigg Boss house, and would not want to interfere or be a part of his life anymore.

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Image credit: VijayTV
Source: Cineulagam