The late VJ Chitra, or fondly known as Chithu, is a famous television star who was found dead by suicide on 9th Dec 2020 at a private hotel in Chennai. Her family, friends, and fans refused to believe that the 'bold and ambitious' star took her own life.

Many speculated that her husband, Hemanth, was involved in her death. However, after a month of inquiry, the police found sufficient evidence to establish that it was a suicide.

After multiple allegations from her parents and close friends that Hemanth was possessive and emotionally tormented Chithu, he was charged with abetment of suicide.

After February 2021, there were no updates about the case on any mainstream media. But, according to Chithu's parents in a recent interview, the case is ongoing, and Hemanth has been appearing at court hearings almost every month.

Chithu's parents came on a virtual LIVE session a month ahead of her first death anniversary, expressing that they are suffering "sleepless nights" and grieving the star's loss every day.

"Every day feels like a death sentence," Chithu's father stated, adding, "We can only sleep and eat properly and have a normal life if justice is served for our daughter."

Their pleas for support and justice don't go unheard. Many of Chithu's loyal fans are still keeping the fight alive on social media platforms with the hashtag #JusticeForVJChitra.

"Our daughter is no longer with us, but he continues to live freely and happily. We've raised a brave and wonderful daughter just to leave her in the hands of someone like him," Chithu's mother said.

While they are disappointed by some news reports that portray Chithu negatively, they are immensely grateful to those who believed in her goodness and continue to strive for justice after her tragic death. They thanked Chitu's fans and friends for sticking with them and continuing to show their love and support.

Watch the full LIVE session here:

Source: Dubai Tamizhan
Photo Credit: Pinterest, The Jafna News & Galatta Tamil