It's been quite a stressful week in the Bigg Boss house where the contestants have started going against each other.

The problem arose when a former contestant, Vanitha Vijayakumar, made a comeback to the house as a guest and started influencing the housemates.

She started revealing the viewer's stand about the show and gained the full confidence of the housemates who are unaware of what's happening out there.

The first person to fall into her trap was Abhirami and Mugen, who had a massive fight following her interference. The fight went overboard when Mugen grabbed a chair to hit Abhirami who was screaming hysterically.

In a recent episode, Vanitha influenced Madhumitha and the other ladies into believing that the guys in the house are enslaving them for their benefit. Thus, another conflict erupted between Madhumitha, Losliya, Kavin, Sandy, Tharshan, and Sherin.

Vanitha was also backbiting about Tharshan and Losliya to the other housemates in the hopes of tarnishing their image.

Now, rumours have been making round that there has been another conflict between Mugen and Vanitha, where Mugen is said to have slapped Vanitha. Some say that Vanitha spoke badly about Mugen's family knowing his terrible past, which caused him to attack her.

This rumours first appeared in one of India's popular Kollywood sites, but the article was taken down today.

The authenticity of the rumours are unclear, but in the case that the news is true, Mugen will be eliminated from the show immediately for attacking a guest.

Guess we have to wait to find out more about this news and Mugen will definitely be the main highlight in this week's episode with Kamal Haasan.

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Image credit: Vijay TV