Actor Babloo Prithiveeraj has made many controversial statements about Thala Ajith before. In a past interview, he admitted that Ajith was down-to-earth, stylish, and a cool man; but he also claimed, "He has zero dedication and doesn't want to act. But he is lucky."

The interview caused quite the uproar among Ajith's fans online last year. Fast forward to 2020, Babloo was touched by Ajith's gesture just before lockdown.

In an interview, Babloo explained that he stumbled upon Shalini Ajith and her daughter Anoushka at a restaurant on three different occasions. But since they didn't know each other professionally, the actor didn't greet Shalini.

When Babloo visited the restaurant again, the manager requested his contact number for Shalini. She called the actor and apologised for not greeting him at the restaurant previously.

According to Babloo, Ajith got upset with Shalini for not acknowledging a senior artist and his own school senior. Babloo felt emotional that despite his frequent controversial statements on Thala Ajith, the Ultimate Star chose to show respect and acknowledge him as a senior actor.

In his most recent interview, Babloo also opened up that Ajith used to protect his younger sister during school days. They have been close friends and are still in contact until today. But on the initial days, Babloo mistakenly thought Ajith was bullying and torturing his sister at school. Apparently, it was another boy also named 'Ajith'.

Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: Thandora & MWallpapers