Music Maestro Illayaraja's son Yuvan Shankar Raja is a popular music director who started his journey in the industry at the age of 16.

Despite having a successful music career, Yuvan is quite unlucky when it comes to relationships, as his first two marriages failed, and his third marriage was done without his family's blessings.

In 2015, he found his current wife Zafroon Nisa, a Malaysia-based designer who hails from Tamil Nadu. His wedding was unexpected and only his sister attended it since the music director informed his family just 2 days before the wedding. The couple has been blessed with a daughter Ziya.

In a recent interaction with her followers, Yuvan's wife Zafroon was asked if she forced him to convert to Islam. She responded by saying that Yuvan embraced the religion three years before the couple first met and since their minds are at the same frequency, they are happy together. He took the name Abdul Khaliq after converting.

She also added that she will bring Yuvan to live on Instagram if netizens are 'ignorant' and not ready to believe her answer.

Source: Indiaglitz
Photo Credit: The Bridal Box & iFlicks