After her recent re-entry into Bigg Boss 3, Vanitha has become one of the least favourite contestants among the viewers. Many see her bold and loud nature as arrogance and she's even called as 'vatikuchi' (matchstick) for her ways of starting 'fires' (fights) in the Bigg Boss house.

However, in a recent interview, well-known commercial director, Perarasu, revealed that Vanitha is actually not acting for the show. The filmmaker was asked to share his thoughts about each and every one of the female contestants of Bigg Boss 3.

"She's not trying to act like a good person to attract the audience. She's being herself. Whether she's being good or bad is secondary but her face and reactions show her true feelings," he said.

He further added if all the contestants behaved like Vanitha by revealing their true selves, there won't be many problems.

"She's not acting for the camera, the audience or even to win. She knows being herself might get her eliminated, but she continues to show only her originality. I really like that part about her," Perarasu explained.

The director is correct about Vanitha on some levels. She hasn't changed her ways despite getting another opportunity to enter the show after learning about public opinion. She has no intention of fixing her public image or increasing her likeability. Vanitha just wants to be herself.
Director Perarasu is a Tamil cinema director popular for his commercial films with actor Vijay. He last made a directorial debut in Malayalam industry with the film Samrajyam II: Son of Alexander in 2015.

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Source: Galatta Tamil
Photo Credit: Vijay TV