Director Rajesh M Selva recently wrapped up on his latest film, "Kadaram Kondan", which stars Vikram.

The surprising factor is that Kamal Haasan was supposed to be in it but since he is so busy these days with his role in politics and hosting "Bigg Boss", he had to back out.

Any director would have found it hard to get a worthy replacement but he found one in has Vikram, even Kamal was happy! He said, "When I suggested Vikram sir's name, Kamal sir was so happy that he immediately gave the go-ahead".

Rajesh acknowledge that both actors have different acting styles with Kamal preferring more realistic characters while Vikram doesn't mind playing it loud to please the crowd. He said that Kamal was fine with the script needing changes to suit Vikram's acting and in fact, he loved the changes.

"Normally, you have to rewrite when you cast a different actor, but this one did not demand major changes. The treatment was more realistic when Kamal sir was supposed to do the film, as he prefers to be a character than a hero, but after signing up Vikram sir, I requested Kamal sir's permission to go a bit louder - somewhat mass-y. When I shot some portions and showed him, he was very happy and asked me to proceed with this treatment," the director explained, probably feeling relieved that Kamal loved the work.

Although Rajesh has worked with Kamal before, he was surprised to learn an unexpected thing about the actor, that he doesn't mind flashy films. Seems like Kamal understands what the public wants and he is ready to give it to them.

Rajesh explained, "Like I said, Kamal sir prefers to keep it real. Vikram sir is open to playing to the gallery. It all boils down to individual taste. "Chiyaan" fans will love this film as it caters to them. I was apprehensive if Kamal sir would like the film because this isn't what he prefers. But when I showed him the rough version last week, he watched the entire film without taking a break, and enjoyed it. He did not see it as a producer, but as a general audience. He said, 'It is entertaining and completely works for me.' It was a surprise for me as I got to know that he also likes watching such films".

Sounds like "Kadaram Kondan" is going to be a very entertaining film to watch!

Source: Times of India
Photo Credit: India Today & Cine Observer